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Brief Description
Class start time 0900 hours
Full Description
This program is designed to present a foundation of financial crime methods and trends, and to provide local Law Enforcement resources utilized by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, Financial Crime and Public Corruption Bureau.  Course will provide value-added, in-depth knowledge, of New Jersey’s theft statutes, while providing the tools needed to investigate financially facilitated crimes with hands-on reviews of case studies.  
It is important to understand that often, a financial nexus is apparent in most crimes, and this training will provide skill enhancements, process awareness, and a better understanding of how to conduct financial backgrounds during investigations.  It will provide guidance on how to properly assess and investigate financial-related crimes, to include topics such as financial instruments, bank fraud and failures, check processing, fraud schemes, accounting records, and money laundering.  In addition, financially facilitated elder abuse, contractor, credit card, insurance fraud, and employee embezzlements are discussed.

Conducted by the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office

Course fees: Monmouth County $100; Out-of-County $200
Training Dates
06/19/2024 - 06/20/2024
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Registration Dates
06/20/2023 - 06/24/2024
Available Seats
16h 0m
None Specified
Training Location
Monmouth County Police Academy
2000 Kozloski Road
Freehold, NJ  07728
Directions to Location
2000 Kozloski Road
Freehold, NJ 07728
Reporting Instructions
Report to the Monmouth County Police Academy at 0900 hours
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